Newsletter: Spring 2007, Volume 22 Issue 2

The Spring 2007 issue opens with A Conversation with Jim Negri: A View from the High School by Mark Kaiser. Also included are several short reports from lecturers Giovanni Biasin (Italian), Seda Chavdarian (French), Agnes Dimitriou (Spanish and Portuguese), and Sarah Roberts (French). The BLC Fellows’ Reports are from Agnes Mazur (PhD Candidate, Education), Elena Morabito (PhD Candidate, Slavic Languages and Literatures), Stiliana Milkova (PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature), and Liu Li (Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures). There are Notes from both the Director and the Associate Director. Rick Kern’s Did you know that. . . ? column was on the tantalizing topic of secret writing.

Download the Spring 2007 BLC Newsletter (228.11KB .pdf file)