Newsletter: Fall 2003, Volume 19 Issue 1

Anthony Liddicoat opened the fall 2003 BLC newsletter with Teaching Languages for Intercultural Communication. His thought-provoking article is followed by reports from the Director (Claire Kramsch), the Associate Director (Mark Kaiser), and the Coordinator for BLC outreach (Sonia S’hiri). Lowry Martin (PhD Candidate, French) and Michael Chad Wellmon (PhD Candidate, German) contributed their Fellows’ Reports. A number of faculty members shared their impressions of conferences they had attended: Agnes Dimitriou, Claire Kramsch, Sonia S’hiri, and Clare You. Timothy McGovern (Professor of Spanish, UC Santa Barbara) reviewed a textbook for advanced grammar and composition in Spanish, co-written by Agnes Dimitriou, Juan A. Sempere Martínez, and Frances M. Sweeney.

Download the Fall 2003 BLC Newsletter (385KB .pdf file)