Lecture by Kirk Belnap & Guadalupe Valdez, November 14, 2003

Heritage Language Teaching, Foreign Language Teaching: What one can
Learn from the Other


by Kirk Belnap, Associate Professor, Department of Near Eastern Languages, Brigham Young University and
Guadalupe Valdes, Professor, Department of Spanish & Portuguese, Stanford University

This panel discussion will explore the comparable and contrastable areas of concern for teachers of heritage and of foreign languages:  areas related to the language learner such as motivation, relation to the language and culture, learner subjectivity and identity; areas related to pedagogy, such as the role of literature, textbooks, syllabi and curricula; areas related to educational policy, such as the power differential among languages, funding policies and political interests.

Moderator: Claire Kramsch

370 Dwinelle Hall, 3-5 p.m.