Lectures by BLC Fellows (M. Lowry, L. Nelson, M. Wellmon)

Instructional Development Research Projects


A Spoonful of Films Makes the Literature Go Down: Supplementing French 3 Cirriculum with Filmic Texts
Martin Lowry, GSR, Fench
This project hopes to capitalize on the semiotic sophistication of students raised in our current film culture.  Rather than reading only written texts, students in this course will be encouraged to analyze and make meaning “beyond and besides words” from semiotic systems other than only the linguistic as they develop their reading and writing skills.

Chinese OPI Certification
Luh Hsyng Nelson, Lecturer, EALC
The main goal of the Heritage Chinese courses has been to bring students’ reading and writing abilities in line with their oral and aural skills.  Traditionally, however, students have been left to read texts on their own, with little pre-reading orientation and no attention paid to their reading processes.  I will report on in-class reading activities designed to help students interact with authentic texts.

Reclaiming a Metaphor: The Hermeneutics of Negotiation
Michael Chad Wellmon, GSR, German
This talk draws on recent and less recent notions of linguistic competence to reconsider “communicative competence.”  Of particular importance for this talk is the work of Dell Hymes and Friedrich Schleiermacher, especially in linguistic anthropology.

Friday, May 9, 2003
3-5pm, 370 Dwinelle Hall