Lectures by BLC Fellows (Daniel, Dimitriou, Short, Templeman, Wellmon)

Instructional Development Research Projects


Interactional Patterns in Web-based Writing of Foreign Language Students
Paige Daniel, Education
This study raises questions about the potential of the electronic medium to promote cross-cultural communicative competence.  Students carry different perceptions of their purposes and roles into telecollaborative language exchanges that come to bear on the ways in which they engage in the online exchange.  In this talk I analyze an excerpt of writing between two students to demonstrate how such differences in perceptions can lead, not to greater understanding across cultures, nor even to obvious teachable moments of misunderstanding, but rather to missed opportunities for understanding.

Evaluation of Student Foreign Language Performance Before and After Participating in the University’s Study Abroad Program
Agnes Dimitriou, Lecturer, Spanish & Portuguese
This presentation concentrates on the proficiency of one student who, having taken upper division Spanish courses at Berkeley, then spent a semester in Chile.  While the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) gives an overall assessment of speaking proficiency, analysis of the transcript of the interview refeals the changes that have occurred in the student’s use of the language.

A New Latin Methodology
William Short, Classics
My presentation will discuss the problem of how to integrate teaching language and literature in Latin classes by presenting a more communicative model for teaching strategies and classroom activities.

Conversational French Theater Workshop
Kristen Templeman, French

Being in the World of Language: Rethinking Language through the Bildungstradition
Michael Chad Welllmon, German

Friday, December 6, 2002
3-5pm, 370 Dwinelle Hall