Newsletter: Fall 2002, Volume 18 Issue 1

Professor June K. Phillips, Dean of Arts and Humanities, Weber State University, Utah, provoked readers with her lead article in the fall 2002 BLC newsletter, Reality Programming: Survivor, Big Brother, and the OPI. Notes from the Director (Claire Kramsch), the Associate Director (Mark Kaiser), and the Academic Coordinator (Jean Schultz, Lecturer, French) followed. Associate Professor and Japanese Language Coordinator Yoko Hasegawa contributed a detailed description of her department’s Japanese Language Program. Contributing BLC Fellows’ Reports were David Pettersen (PhD candidate, French), David Wacks (PhD candidate, Spanish and Portuguese), and Chantelle Warner (PhD candidate, German). Lecturer in Spanish Agnes Dimitriou contributed two reports on conferences she attended.

Download the Fall 2002 BLC Newsletter (309.96KB .pdf file)