Lectures by BLC Fellows (S. Fujita, K. Klar, S. Tuomainen, J. Wade)

Spring 2000 Instructional Development Research Projects


Mushfaking Theater

Sakae Fujita, Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures

Teaching foreign language and culture through improvisational techniques


Sinulle on postia!  Using Global E-mailing to Enhance Students’ Mastery of the Finnish Language

Sirpa Tuomainen, Lecturer, Scandinavian

The second and fourth semester Finnish students have been paired up with Finnish student e-mail partners from around the globe.  They have been provided topics for Ediscussion, which are then debriefed in class.  The goal is to provide another medium to practice newly introduced language functions, and to provide a chance to produce Finnish in a semi-structured but authentic setting with real communication as a goal.  E-mail correspondence data is being used for further research into the structural and pragmatic aspects of language used in e-mail.


Kinjo:Exploring the Potential of a Relationally Organized Simulation Environment for Japanese Language Instruction

Juliette Wade