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Lecture by Paige Ware, October 18, 2013

Piecemeal but Promising: Technology Integration in Secondary Language Classrooms by Paige Ware, Southern Methodist University In the last ten years, the pace at which technology has been integrated into classroom instruction in US secondary educational institutions has quickened rapidly. Often invoking a discourse of “21st century learning,” vibrant calls abound for schools to focus on…

Writing as a Social Act: A Genre-based Approach to Writing Pedagogy in the Foreign Lang. Classroom

Introduction As both students and instructors of foreign languages move into intermediate- and advanced-level courses, they participate in increasingly more complex interactions with each other and also with the texts that they study and create. Students in the second-year French program (French 3 and 4) are expected to work equally in the four areas of…

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Introduction to the Special Issue

The premise of this publication and collective exploration is that through literacy, and in particular L2 writing, personal phenomenological experience can be reflectively inspected, explicated and presented for interpretation by others and as such can be used as an important resource within the language classroom...

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