Events at the BLC


Lectures by BLC Fellows (S. Roberts, K. Sliwinski, A. Barili, J. Kelso, L. Frame)

Instructional Development Research Projects   Using Drama to Enhance Language Learning in Second-Year French Sarah Roberts, GSR, French Researching the Role of Performance in the Teaching of Durrenmatt’s ‘Der Besuch derr alten Dame’ in German 3 Karina Sliwinski, GSR, German Teaching Grammar and Composition to Advance Spanish Students: A Method that Works Amelia Barili, Lecturer, […]

Lectures by BLC Fellows (L. Little, B. Samuelson, K. Wiliarty, B. Wolfson, N. Van Duesen)

Instructional Development Research Projects Performance & Placement: Designing a Plan for Testing in the Undergraduate Russian Program Lisa Little, Lecturer, Slavic Languages and Literatures This project assesses the role of heritage language instruction among the foreign language departments in the UC system. It asks the broader question of how “heritage language” is defined and presents […]

Lecture by Catherine Doughty, April 9, 2001

Effects of Instruction in Second Language Acquisition by Catherine Doughty, University of Hawaii at Manoa This talk will present an up-to-date survey of the recent explosion of empirical research on the effects of instruction on second language acquisition.  The findings will be discussed in terms of L2 learning rate, sequences, processes, and ultimate attainment.  We […]

Lecture by Martha C. Pennington, March 21, 2001

Changing Relationships Between Context and Communication from Pre-Language to Post-Language by Marth C. Pennington, Powdrill Professor English Language Acquisition, University of Luton, England A review of the changing contexts of communication in relation to the development in human history of spoken and written language, looking at the trends in oracy and literacy including the impact […]

Lecture by Alastair Pennycook, February 23, 2001

Critical Applied Linguistics as Problematizing Practice by Alastair Pennycook, Professor of Language in Education, Faculty of EducationUniversity of Technology, Sydney, Australia This seminar will discuss significant themes in critical applied linguistics, providing an overview of this emergent approach to issues in language policy and planning, translation and interpreting, language education, discourse analysis, literacy, language in […]

Lectures by BLC Fellows (R. McFarland, T. Skogmo, K. Wiliarty)

Instructional Development Research Projects   “My Deutsche is Getting Deutsche-er All the Time”- Blurring the Borders of Input and Output in the Intermediate German Classroom Robert McFarland, GSR, German In my BLC project, I have been exploring the merits of a recent re-evaluation of the classic art of “imitation” as a means to teach writing.  […]

Lecture by Stephen Krashen, November 17, 2000:

Comprehensible Input:  Still a Good Idea by Stephen Krashen, Professor, Division of Learning and Instruction Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California The Input (or Comprehension) Hypothesis claims that we acquire language and develop literacy in only one way:  When we understand messages.  There is overwhelming evidence that this hypothesis is correct.  It successfully […]

Lecture by Merrill Swain, October 27, 2000

Collaborative Dialogue and Second Language Learning by Merrill Swain, Professor of Applied Linguistics, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of The University of Toronto This talk will focus on our recent research designed to explore the role of collaborative dialogue in second language learning.  Collaborative dialogue is dialogue […]

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